By signing this you are agreeing to trust us to create a wedding that is completely personalised and unique to you and your partner. Once this agreement is signed we provide you with an inspiration board. This is purely to make sure we are on the right track with the look and feel. We will make any alterations needed until you are happy with the direction the wedding is going.

Once this is signed off by yourselves we are then able to start moving forward in bringing your wedding to life.

Our Process

What we provide

We handle all decor items including vases, candles, furniture, signage, custom builds and handle all layout decisions.

Purchases and/or items supplied by the couple

If the couple purchase items they must consult with us to see if it will fit into the design brief. In the event that the couple purchases items for their wedding prior to consulting us we reserve the right not to use said items in the design. This ensures the look is cohesive and there are no surprises for us on the day. We appreciate knowing about items such as stubby holders, photos of loved ones etc, prior to the day.

Changes on the day

We reserve the right to make the changes needed on the day so as to ensure the space works as best as it can. This may include changes in floor plans and the removal or addition of furniture if needed.

We have no control over what Mother Nature is going to throw at us. We will go in with a Plan A and a Plan B and in the event that we need to make a change we reserve the right to make last minute decisions that will be the best for our couples and their guests. All decisions will have your best interests at heart. We reserve the right to make the alterations required in the case that circumstances change without consulting with you on the day.


Please sign and date here and return to us.