Quotes are only valid for 2 weeks. We don't hold quotes without a deposit sorry.


We require a minimum 30% non refundable deposit to secure the items listed on your quote.

Final payment

Final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your event. If we don't receive payment we unfortunately will not be able to deliver all of your goodies. In the event that last minute changes are made this will result in an additional invoice that must be paid on delivery. 

delivery & collection

We do NOT allow private pick up of any of our stuff. We like our stuff looked after and I will guarantee you may think it will fit in the back of the ute but 150 chairs takes up a stack of room so leave it to us. We work in as best we can with you to deliver on a day/time that suits. We understand it is your special day but it is usually a few other peoples special day too so we try and please everyone. Generally deliveries happen on the Thursday or Friday. Collection generally happens on the Sunday or Monday. If your venue requires late night collection please let us know when booking.

If you require us to help with setting up your event this is an extra fee that is calculated by time, man power, what is involved.... the list goes on! We need at least 3 weeks notice if you need help. If you don't let us know we do not allow enough time in our schedule and things will only be dropped in a convenient location.

Set Up

You break it you pay for it. It is pretty simple. From the time we deliver til the time we pick up it is YOUR responsability to look after all hire equipment. If any damages occur we will charge a nominated credit card the full replacement cost of items. Same thing applies if it doesn't return to us at all.



We don't have a fancy place to show off all of our awesome stuff so please keep that in mind. We also spend the majority of our time out and about so if you would like to come and see some things let us know a time and we'll make sure we are here!




We do not offer discounts. We work our bums off to provide you with high quality products that get cleaned and looked after better than you'd ever imagine so please don't ask us to provide you with a discount. We have tried to make things as affordable as possible so when you work with us you know things will be to the highest of standards.