styling and design

is this for us?

If you want something completely unique that represents you both then that is a big YES! We don’t reproduce a Pinterest image but if you are prepared to go through the process it will be a lot of fun and the end result will blow you away.

How do we start?

Once we have made sure your date is available and we find out what you are hoping your wedding to feel like we work with you to find out what your priorities are and what your budget is. This is important so we know that what we present you with is doable. There is nothing worse than being shown some incredible images that are just not an option. From here we provide you with a quote which will include things like how much we anticipate the overall design to cost from concept through to completion. We then hold your date for 2 weeks. If you decide to go ahead with booking our services we require a 30% deposit before we can move forward.

how much will it cost?

All our weddings are completely different so we tailor our costs to what your needs and wants are and work within your budget.

This may blow your mind but we can pull together something in a couple weeks! The only thing that gets tricky is if you want custom made things or certain vendors. In fact, we don’t take any weddings more than 18 months out. If you are planning a wedding for that long you will be sick of it by the time it rolls around and nobody wants that!

how much time do you need to make it happen?

Unfortunatley we don’t offer part styling. We started offering this service to give couples a day that was cohesive from start to finish. This creates a bigger impact and tells a stronger story. There is nothing worse than a ‘bitsy’ wedding where nothing makes sense.

Can you style our wedding with what we have already got?

Not at all! We come up with designs that are best suited to you both so if that means hiring in furniture from other companies that is what we do!

do we have to use all your furniture?

We discuss your overall vision and how you want your day to feel in the initial meeting and we make sure you approve the proposal we put forward. We like to keep things quite open to allow for changes to be made and would like to think you would trust us enough to make the best decision for you. That is what you are paying us to do after all!

Do we have any creative control?

if this sounds like something you’d be interested in head to our contacts page and shoot us an email. We can’t wait to create a bit of magic just for you!